Musings and Meandering Thoughts

I’ve seen a lot of this on a few Indie Author accounts lately. 

I sympathize. 

I can relate. 

For me, it’s scary when I hit that wall in my writing. 

I know I’m not alone.

Not only do I lose my emotional outlet, but it often sends me spiraling. 

My first thought is, ‘That’s it! I’m washed up! The story well is dry!’ 

This is an easy lie to recognize because my head is full. 

Too full sometimes!

My second thought is worse because it’s rooted in truth: ‘You never finish anything… You’ll quit this, too.’

The truth is, my ADHD leads me from one hobby to the next and I have a difficult time sticking to a task if I’m not excited about it. The excitement of something new, oh god, I love that feeling! That siren’s song!

But most of the time, within a few months, my interest wanes, and my attention wanders. 

No worries! Onto the next best thing, right?

Not when it happens with my writing. Writing means something to me. 

It’s a childhood dream come true to write a book. And I’m on the cusp of publishing my 8th. 

So, I HAVE finished things. 

However, my typical pattern dictates that when my motivation drops, the new activity is soon to follow. 

That’s scary. 

What I have found, so far, is that there was nothing to fear. 

My brain just needs to rest. 

To ponder. 

To play.


I read.

Watch movies or tv. 

Sit on my porch. 

🙄Try a new hobby.😂

And within a week or two, I’m itching to get back to my laptop and notepads. 

This may or may not continue, but I’m going to rest on these facts rather than spiral with the lies. 

And the fact is, I’ve finished writing 8 books. 

And my head is full. 


Here’s a question for you! Do you worry when you hit that writer’s wall?

What do you do about it? 

Share below and I’ll meet you in the comments.