This is me.

A little older, hopefully a little wiser.

Mom of four seriously crazy wonderfuls.

Wife to world's most beautiful man.

Dog & Cat mommy - probably my best-behaved children.

Spicy imagination... Spicy disaster!

Tender  heart.

Spoonie and Mental health warrior.

Lover of love.

Dreamer of dreams.

Giving up is not an option.

Say it Again

A Bridgewater Prequel

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She thinks he’s not right for her. Good thing he likes a good fight.


Mercilessly bullied as a child, Sophie McDonald knows there are two worlds: one for the beautiful and one for everybody else. Yet every three weeks she crosses that border to the local boxing club for fight night. When she sees Dean in the ring, she knows which world he falls into. So why does she keep going back?


Dean Donovan is used to fighting for what he wants. And he wants Sophie. But how can he fight the ghosts in her past?


He’s so much more than she thought he was, but she’s not sure she’ll be enough for him.

She’s everything he wants, but his past may be more than she can handle.


Her past is holding her back.

His is poised to tear them apart.

Can they find their way forward together?