Musings and Meandering Thoughts

When did you stop?

Was it during final exams? 

After your promotion?

Amidst diapers, school drop-offs, soccer tournaments, and mortgage payments?

At what point did you stop doing the thing that makes you come alive?


And do you even remember what it was?


Go back in your mind.

Go back to the time you were a child, a teen, a young adult, whenever it was you last indulged yourself. 

Feel again how it was to lose track of time, to lose track of yourself, to quiet the voice inside that pushes and pulls and worries you to do more.

To do better. 

Remember how it felt to immerse yourself, to connect to your joy, for your soul to light up. 

The magic of it. 

The simplicity of it. 

The everyday ordinariness of it.

And do that.


I don’t mean quit your job and hang out in the romance section of the library all day - although I’d sign up for that in a hot minute if it paid the bills.

It’s not about overhauling your whole life, although for some it might be. 

It’s about finding time to indulge yourself.

In being yourself.


You are, quite simply, the sum of all those things that matter to you.

All those things that ignite your brain, increase the rate of your heartbeat, and bring peace to your soul.

Whatever makes you come alive, makes you you.

And it is in being and accepting our true selves that we are able to find belonging, seek connection, and gain peace.

Beauty, joy, music, art, laughter, connection to self, and peace are not luxuries to afford ourselves when, but necessities now.




What are you going to do?